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Cycling – Trail & Road

You, your bike and your passion for cycling! There is something for cyclist here in Petawawa, no matter what style of biking you enjoy. From single track to road biking and our very own bike skills park and pump track designed by Jay Hoots!

Cycling is one of the greatest ways to get outside and be active. The Town of Petawawa firmly believes in cycling for recreation, transportation and being safe while doing so. Active transportation is a key to get people out of their cars and onto a bike or walking for exercise or to get to and from work or the store.

Petawawa is able to offer sections of road with dedicated bike lanes that are lined and marked that run through the major arteries of town. Make sure to be visible, be safe and follow the rules of the road.

Skills Park/ Pump Track Design (above) – spring 2013 & Forest Lea Trails (below)

The OVMBA runs and offers several events and clinics for novice and experienced cyclists at Forest Lea Trails and various other locations if you want to find out more go to:

NO MATTER WHAT! Always wear a helmet and the other safety gear appropriate to the bike style you are participating in.

Bike Skills Park & Pump Track (MAP #7)
N 45.53.501
W 077.15.707

Right in the centre of Petawawa you will find a renowned bike skills park and pump track designed by Jay Hoots spring 2012. It includes features for children and adults of all levels.

Forest Lea Trails (MAP)
N 45.48.523
W 077.16.638

The OVMBA maintains the Forest Lea mountain bike trails; 22k of tight, rocky and rooty single track mountain bike specific trails. Trails are marked. See the link for trail map, directions, and more info.

Petawawa Research Forest (MAP #9)
N 45.59.591 W 077.23.937

Located just north of Petawawa off highway 17. In 1998, the Petawawa Research Forest established an interpretive bike trail to allow access to some of the trails in the forest. This interpretive trail is well marked with red bike signs

Emerald Necklace Trails (MAP #10)
N 45.54.206
W 077.16.912

There are eight phases to the system that will eventually unite Petawawa - the Millennium Trail, the Trillium Trail, The Terrace Trail, the Neighbourhood Paths, the Petawawa River whitewater canoe, kayak and rafting trail, The Ottawa River Waterway, the Soldier's Challenge and the Bike Trail

Woodland Trail & Nature Trail (MAP #11)

N 45.53.388
W 077.17.064

A small section of trail located in Petawawa with various looping single track and only a short ride from the Bike Skills Park and pump track.

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