Petawawa Bike Park

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Hiking & Geo Cache

You should always stop to smell the roses or the wild flowers or stop and watch the birds or the deer or anything else you come across as you take in nature on a hike. Life isn’t about the destination it’s about the journey so go ahead and TAKE A HIKE!

Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park is located in the centre of Petawawa and is a Town jewel. There are several trails that range from 1 km to just over 6 km in length and will bring you through many various eco systems. This is a great afternoon activity for the entire family. The trail head is located right beside a neighbourhood park so it’s a great place to plan a picnic or a very short drive to Petawawa Point beach.

Nature and Woodland Trails are other short wooded trails located in Town that let you explore other treed areas, marshes and build on that outdoor nature connection. Building a connection to nature for children and adults alike ensures we continue not to suffer from “nature deficit disorder”, get outside and explore.

Take the time to experience and Explore Algonquin Provincial Park. From the 1.5 km picturesque view from the Barron Canyon trail or hiking to High Falls where you can try out the natural waterslide and go for a swim. Make it a couple of days and hike Western Uplands backpacking Trail (88km) and experience what the wilderness offers as a true getaway.

Get a hold of a GPS or download the app for your smartphone and check out geocaching. Find yourself trudging through the trees and turning over rocks to “find the prize”. Let the kids feel like explorers or pirates looking for treasure.

Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park (MAP #15) - (RED) TEMPORARILY CLOSED

N 45.53.0489
W 077.14.774

Nature and Woodland Trails (MAP #11)
N 45.53.388
W 077.17.064

Algonquin Park – East Gate (MAP #14)
N 45.51.286
W 077.32.712

Petawawa Research Forest (MAP #9)
N 45.59.591
W 077.23.937

Forest Lea -  
Shaw Woods -