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Walking Trails

Walking is a basic, easy and inexpensive form of exercise. Here at the Town of Petawawa want to promote this great way to get outdoors and active so please join us and what we have to offer. The Town of Petawawa has developed walking loops that can be found throughout Town. Each loop has a trail head map to indicate where the loops take you as well as directions and descriptions of each loop.

Woodland Trail loop offers the best of both worlds. Walk along level roads and then take it “off-road” through the Woodland Trail and its numerous loops. These nature trails cross along wetlands
and swamps that contribute to the environments of many species of wildlife including birds, amphibians and mammals. Enjoy Petawawa’s claim of being “Dynamic by Nature”.

Centennial Park to Petawawa Point Loop (7.5 km) offers you choices. Experience the Centennial Park loop (2.3km) that incorporates the Millennium Trail and take in view of Petawawa’s whitewater town section. This loop crosses through wonderful green space with play structures, picnic areas and exercise stations.

The Petawawa Point loop (2.44km) begins at the beach where views of water and islands stretch for miles and produce wonderful opportunities to sit and take in a beautiful sunset or a day at the beach playing in the sand.

Combine the two loops for a longer challenge and view where the whitewater of the Petawawa meets the mighty Ottawa River.

Storytime Trail
The Petawawa Public Library has designed a walking trail in Centennial Park that promotes walking and literacy.

Starting at the trailhead in the parking lot of Centennial Park, you and your child can walk together along the trail. As you walk you will find pages from a book every 100-200 feet displayed along the trail. There are 6 pages in total for you to enjoy. If you love the book scan the QR codes and find out more about the book and the Petawawa Public Library. This is a great way to promote active living and literacy for you and your family.

In addition to the Storytime Trail the Petawawa Library also has snowshoes, binoculars and a GPS you can check out the same way you check out a book.  To find out more about the story time trail or about the Petawawa Library and the great programs they offer check out

Measure your success. You will find a blue diamond shaped marker every kilometer. This will help you keep track of your success and let you know how many kilometers you have completed every day. Use a daily journal to track how far you walk, set goals for yourself. All walking loops will be using the same kilometer markers so you will know what to look for. Keep an eye out for the directional signs as well to help keep you on track. Try different routes!


Do you have a suggestion?

Help improve our walking loops whether it’s a suggestion to add a new loop to the system or perhaps a current loop needs some maintenance. Give us a call at Petawawa Parks and Recreation: